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Introduction to Digital Photography

Students will be instructed how to:

  • Use their DSLR Camera Manually
  • Understand how aperture, shutter speed and ISO combine to produce correct exposure
  • Use Aperture, shutter speed and ISO to create movement and depth in their photographs
  • Creatively compose visually pleaseing images
  • Use basic editing software to improve colour, tone and contrast of their images
Course Structure

Wk 1 How your camera works
Wk 2 The exposure triangle and the light metre
Wk 3 Shutter speed – capturing movement
Wk 4 Aperture – Depth of field
Wk 5 ISO – Shooting in low light
Wk 6 Light – Good light vs bad light and when to use flash
Wk 7 Take great photos – Composition, posing and angles
Wk 8 Editing – look at how basic editing programs work

Course Requirements

  • DSLR Camera (Digital single Lens Reflex)
  • Correct memory card for your camera
  • Fully charged batteries for your camera
  • USB stick
  • Notebook and pen
  • Access to a computer at home (preferred)

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.