Access and Equity Policy

Access and Equity Policy

CCNI Inc. provides equal access to learning and delivery services for all students. Wherever possible, we conduct flexible learning to meet specific needs of individual students. The student enrolment form requires students to self assess their level of English language capabilities and to indicate any special learning requirements and or support they may require. This includes their level computer literacy.

The learning support strategies used by Trainer/Facilitators/Assessors at CCNI Inc. include:

  • Pre-teaching technical terminology
  • Demonstrating procedures
  • Providing opportunities for ‘hands-on’ experience and practice
  • Ensuring individual support and advice to students
  • Provide literacy support to assist in the understanding of language specific to the industry
  • Encouraging students to work at their own pace
  • Where necessary inviting students to record training session on an audiotape
  • Providing written learning material and illustrations to reinforce the learning
  • Students with learning difficulties beyond our areas of expertise are referred to external specialist agencies
  • Recruitment to CCNI conducted in an ethical manner in accordance with Access and Equity principles

CCNI Inc.Trainer/Assessors:

  • Recognise the cultural diversity of all students
  • Ensure equal treatment of all students
  • Encourage full participation and assist all students to achieve course outcomes
  • Provide equal access to resources