Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Code of Practice

As an RTO, Community College Northern Inland Inc. (CCNI Inc.) has agreed to operate within the Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations and undertakes the ASQA self-assessment against these standards annually.

CCNI Inc. will act in accordance with the highest level of industry standards to provide vocational education and training in the field of Leadership and Management. Our code of practice outlines our operational policies, our commitment to our clients and provides qualified and experienced Trainer/Facilitators and Assessors who:

  • undertake their duties with honesty, objectivity, integrity and diligence;
  • act professionally and give the highest standards of service to students; and
  • conduct fair, flexible, valid and reliable competency based assessments.

Community College Northern Inland Inc. (CCNI Inc.) code of practice:

  • CCNI Inc. recruits students/clients in a responsible and ethical manner based on Access and Equity guidelines;
  • CCNI Inc. treats students fairly, with professional concern for their interests and refers to external advice if necessary;
  • CCNI Inc. delivers, regularly monitors and reviews training and assessment services to ensure the interests and welfare of students are maintained;
  • CCNI Inc. maintains a policy and procedure for handling student complaints and assessment appeals;
  • CCNI Inc. provides an appeals and grievance procedure and opportunities for reassessment;
  • CCNI Inc. provides a suitable learning environment;
  • CCNI Inc. acts in a way that promotes co-operation and effective relations between the people and organisations who are our clients;
  • CCNI Inc. recognises the rights and dignity of students, observing always, the tenets of Anti-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Laws;
  • CCNI Inc. prohibits discrimination in any form;
  • CCNI Inc.is committed to comply with all Commonwealth, State and Territory regulatory and legislative requirements;
  • CCNI Inc. provides timely and accurate information to government agencies and funding bodies;
  • CCNI Inc. maintains accurate confidential and secure training and financial records;
  • CCNI INC.'s student records are managed securely and confidentially and are available for student access on request;
  • CCNI Inc. observes total discretion and confidentiality in all their dealings;
  • CCNI Inc.is committed to providing quality training with a focus on industry needs and enhances workplace outcomes;
  • CCNI Inc. values feedback from students, team members, clients and employers as a basis for continuous improvement;
  • CCNI Inc. will endeavour to meet the needs of individual students through the integration of access and equity guidelines in its policies and procedures;
  • CCNI Inc. where necessary, will decide the best methods for those students who require language, literacy and/or numeracy support or reasonable adjustment to assessment;
  • CCNI Inc. undertakes to recognise the qualifications issued by other Registered Training Organisations;
  • CCNI Inc. will maintain a documented process for the recognition of prior learning (RPL) and/ or recognition of current competency (RCC) and ensure that RPL/RCC is offered to all students upon enrolment;
  • CCNI Inc.'s course information will ensure all fees and charges are advised before enrolment, course content and assessment procedures are explained and vocational outcomes are outlined;
  • CCNI Inc. has in place appropriate systems to ensure sound financial and administrative practices and safeguards their students' fees until the course is delivered;
  • CCNI Inc. has a refund policy which is fair and equitable;
  • CCNI INC.'s training courses are marketed with integrity, accuracy and professionalism, avoiding vague and ambiguous statements. No false or misleading comparisons are drawn with any other training organisation or course;
  • CCNI Inc. issues Qualifications or Statements of Attainment to students who meet the required outcomes of the courses on CCNI Inc.'s scope of registration, in accordance with all relevant guidelines;
  • CCNI Inc. will honour all guarantees outlined in this Code of Practice, and understands that if it does not meet the obligations of this Code or supporting regulatory requirements, it may have its registration as a Registered Training Organisation withdrawn;
  • CCNI Inc. will take every opportunity to ensure that this Code of Practice is disseminated, understood and valued by all team members, clients and students;
  • CCNI Inc. team members are bound by, and committed to, the implementation of this Code of Practice.

Course fees, Payment and Refunds


All prices on this site are in Australian dollars. Prices include GST where marked. A tax invoice will be issued on successful enrolment or purchase.

Refund Policy

CCNI Inc. protects fees paid in advance and has a fair and reasonable refund policy. All fees paid in advance are protected via sequestered funds held in term deposits to ensure sufficient funds are always available for refund. CCNI Inc. operates predominately on a ‘fee for service’ training business. This means all training programs attract fees. These fees are paid by or charged to the client/student, a government agency or the client/student employer.

An application for a refund is addressed according to the notice given by the person making the request:

  • Upon commencement of the course, it is understood and agreed there is no entitlement to any refund of the tuition fees or other charges paid to CCNI Inc. under the Contract and all outstanding payments will be fully paid by the client/student no later than the specified date.
  • No refunds will be available after the course commences.
  • If CCNI Inc. cancels a course for any reason, the full course fee will be refunded via the Student Refund/Withdrawal Form.
  • A $50 administration fee will be incurred if a student cancels their enrolment 5 business days prior to the course running.
  • If there is unique or extenuating circumstances which prevent attendance, the case will be assessed on an individual basis with approval from the Executive Officer.
  • When a course has been paid for by an employer/job agency, the refund will be returned or a credit note can be issued depending on the business requirements.
  • If a student withdraws from a Certificate course, a student refund/withdrawal form must be completed. Partial refund may occur depending on the length of the course, number of subjects completed, resources used and the fees received. The final decision will be made in consultation with the Executive Officer.
  • A deferment of face-to-face training sessions is possible provided course fees owing at the time are paid in full. Any deferment must be applied for in writing prior to commencement of the deferment. The granting of the deferment is not automatic and is at the discretion of CCNI Inc. If approved, the deferment needs to be fulfilled within twelve months from enrolment.
  • The student should note the deferment is for face-to-face classes only. The assessment delivery schedule is still expected to be completed within the original 12-month schedule.
  • Refunds in special circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis at the total discretion of CCNI Inc.
  • CCNI Inc. may at its discretion, refund some or all course fees where it determines there are extenuating or compassionate circumstances. Where an incorrect eligibility assessment is made, and course fees have been received by CCNI Inc., a full refund will be issued.

CCNI Inc. reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time to ensure compliance with applicable State and Federal laws.

Student Assessment and Appeals

Assessment appeals

Any student can appeal against an academic decision or other procedural matters regarding assessment. Appeals will be accepted up to 14 days from the date an assessment result was received by the student. All appeal outcomes, including reasons for the decision will be communicated to the student in writing.

The appeal process is outlined:

  1. In the first instance, students make an informal approach to their nominated CCNI Inc. Trainer/Assessor with any new evidence or clarification of existing evidence relating to the assessment.
  2. Assessment will be reviewed having due regard to the submission and will be responded to in writing within 7 days.
  3. Where the student remains dissatisfied with the decision, a request in writing is made to the VET Manager for an assessor who has not been involved in the original decision, to review the decision. This process may take up to 14 days and the student is advised in writing of the outcome.
  4. If a student still remains dissatisfied with the decision of the reviewing independent assessor a written request can be lodged with CCNI Inc.'s EO for a final review of the assessment. The student is advised in writing of the outcome of the final review within 14 days.
  5. If a student still remains dissatisfied with CCNI Inc. EO’s decision a formal complaint can be lodged under the Complaints Handling and Resolution Policy and Procedure with ASQA.

Privacy, Confidentiality and Security

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

CCNI Inc. acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals as required by the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. CCNI Inc. collects information from students (or prospective students) to provide information regarding study opportunities, course administration, academic information, and to maintain proper academic records.

Personal information collected and used may include your name, date of birth, current address, email address, telephone number and other means of personal identification. Provision of personal information is voluntary, however if this information is not provided by a prospective student, CCNI Inc. may be unable to enrol the student in a course or supply them with appropriate support. Upon enrolment, students will be required to produce original photo identification such as a current Drivers' Licence or Passport. Students who are studying remotely will be required to provide certified copies of photo identification.

Information provided will not be disclosed to any third party unless CCNI Inc. has written authorisation to do so, or unless required or authorised by law.

CCNI Inc. takes all reasonable security measures to protect personal information from unauthorised access, misuse or disclosure. CCNI Inc. will also take all reasonable steps to ensure that personal information which is collected, used or disclosed is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

Students have the right to access their personal information and can also request incorrect information is corrected or deleted. Access to this information is available by applying in writing to info@communitycollegeni.nsw.edu.au.

CCNI Inc. may charge a fee. Any request for personal information must be accompanied by proof of identity.

All CCNI Inc. students have access to CCNI Inc.'s online learning management system where their personal information is kept including training plans, training records, completion of units of competency and all assessment tasks.

Smart and Skilled – Consent to Use and Disclosure of Personal Information to the NSW Department of Industry and Other Government Agencies

  • I understand and agree that personal information (information or an opinion about me), collected from me, my parent or guardian, such as my name, Unique Student Identifier, date of birth, contact details, training outcomes and performance, or sensitive personal information (including my ethnicity or health information) (together Personal Information) collected by Community College Northern Inland Inc may be disclosed to the NSW Department of Industry (Department).
  • The Department may disclose my Personal Information to other Australian government agencies, including those located in States and Territories outside New South Wales.
  • The above government agencies may use my Personal Information for any purpose relating to the exercise of their government functions, including but not limited to the evaluation and assessment of my training, the determination of my eligibility to receive subsidised training or for any Fee Exemptions or Concessions. My Personal Information may also be disclosed to other third parties if required by law.
  • I consent to the collection, use and disclosure of my Personal Information in the manner outlined above.
  • I also acknowledge and agree that the Department may contact me by telephone email or post during or after I have ceased subsidised training with Community College Northern Inland Inc for the purposes of evaluating and assessing my subsidised training.

Student Declaration

I declare:

  • That the information I have supplied on this form is true, correct and complete.
  • I understand that the giving of forged, false or misleading information may lead to the cancellation of my enrolment.
  • The Policies, Procedures and Consumer Rights Information have been made available to me online and I have read, understood and accepted these as conditions of my enrolment.
  • I have been informed of fees and charges associated with this course, including the requirements and timelines to withdraw without incurring fees.
  • I give consent to Community College Northern Inland Inc. to obtain, check and verify a Unique Student Identifier (USI) for me and use this information to check my eligibility and to calculate fees.
  • I acknowledge that while I am enrolled I will comply with the rules, policies, procedures and by-laws of Community College Northern Inland Inc.

Security of Information

Our student portal, internal network, databases and paper-based records are protected from unauthorised access using current technologies and secure premises. All students can only access their own information stored on a secure cloud server in CCNI Inc.'s student portal. Students are allocated a personal user name and password at the time of their enrolment. Students change their passwords the first time they access the student portal to ensure maximum privacy.

Contacting us

CCNI Inc. welcomes your comments regarding our Policies. If you have any questions about this Policy and would like further information, please contact us by any of the following means during business hours.

Call: (02) 6782 1221
Send us an e-mail.
Post: Attn: Executive Officer, Community College Northern Inland Inc., 47 Fitzroy Street, Barraba NSW 2347