News - Good peno on the fillet

"Good peno on the fillet"

Good peno on the fillet“Good peno on the fillet” isn’t a cordon bleu marinade for a delicate fish nor a method of carving of prime steak as the students in the Introduction to Welding course now know – and can do with confidence!

In this time of COVID-19 a group of students from around the northwest met each Friday at the Warialda High School Trade Training Centre to learn the basics of Manual Metal Arc (Stick) Welding and Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding in a course delivered by Community College Northern Inland.

Trainer, Peter Koschmann with many years of industry experience and specialist expertise, presented the theory and the guided practical experience needed to meet the requirements of units of competency from the Metal and Engineering Training Package.

The class participants came from a range of backgrounds and experience levels but all agreed that they all learnt much over the six week course.

With Australia’s industrial skills shortage, the Introduction to Welding course is a great ‘taster’ course for anyone thinking of a career in metal work. This course delivers units of competency from the MEM30319 Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade.

For those on the land or back yard and hobby welders this is a great opportunity to refine and improve techniques so that welds have precision and strength.

And for those with no previous knowledge or experience it is an opportunity to learn safely when working with 6000 degree temperatures, molten metals, electricity and toxic vapours.

Warialda High School facilities included welding bays and workshop areas with plenty of space for social distancing and as did the training room and kitchen areas which were sanitised prior to training to meet Health Department and Community College Northern Inland recommendations. Hand sanitiser was also provided to further ensure safety.

Photograph from left: Tom, Peter Koschmann (trainer), Bob, Tanya and Terry (partially obscured).